39 Olcott Square, Second Floor, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Thomas Ziering, MD, LLCThomas S. Ziering, MD,LLC in Bernardsville, NJ is a private practice dedicated to the care of all families and all health issues regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed or belief. A Health Center without any sense of boundaries or discrimination, we treat patients from the age of 3 to the end of life. We combine traditional family practice in a pleasant relaxed setting as well as transitional healthcare for those patients requiring hormone therapy and a “safe haven” for the LGBTQI2 Community and Straight Community to come together in a life affirming office. We also have an in-office psychotherapist skilled in individual, marriage and family counseling for all communities. It is a beautiful office that does not feel like a medical office at all, but rather a welcoming, affirming, health focused center with vibrant art, aromatherapy and an affirming staff of all backgrounds. Dr. Ziering is also an independent speaker giving talks nationwide on Trans Medicine and PEP/PREP Therapy.

Thomas S. Ziering, a primary-care physician, founded this practice last year in Bernardsville with a focus on LGBTQI2. Ziering, who is gay, was medical director of Summit Medical Group’s LGBTI service, with the I standing for “intersex,” describing a person whose sexual anatomy doesn’t fit the typical definitions of either male or female.