39 Olcott Square, Second Floor, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Thomas Ziering, MD, LLC We combine traditional family practice in a pleasant, relaxed setting as well as transitional health care for those patients requiring hormone therapy and a “safe haven” for the LGBTQI2 Community and Straight Community to come together in a life affirming office.

Thomas S. Ziering, a primary-care physician, founded this Bernardsville, NJ practice in 2014 with a focus on LGBTI. Ziering, who is also gay, was medical director of Summit Medical Group’s LGBTI service, with the I standing for “intersex,” describing a person whose sexual anatomy doesn’t fit the typical definitions of either male or female.

Ziering not only accept his patients’ sexuality unconditionally, he considers it an important aspect of total wellness. He understands, too, that for at least some of his patients, sex—inextricably connected as it is with sexually transmitted diseases—is a critical health consideration.