39 Olcott Square, Second Floor, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

It is my pleasure to introduce a new addition to our office whom you may see wandering around on all fours. BENTLEY, our REGISTERED THERAPY DOG IN TRAINING will be intermittently in and out of our office. As a COCKAPOO, the breed is extremely intelligent, yet playful. He is a HYPOALLERGENIC BREED as he does not have fur, he has hair. Those of you who remember Willy, our last therapy dog who died two years ago will no doubt appreciate the joy and comfort he brought to many of you. Those of you who are new to the concept, please be assured, you have the option of NOT having the dog in the room with you when you are seen. Just please tell our staff if you would prefer he not be in the room.

Thomas Ziering, MD, LLCSince He Is In Training, We Ask That You Help Us Enforce His Training When He Comes In Your Room by Doing the Following:

  • Please do not let him jump up on you once he enters the room; he must be invited to your lap.
  • His instinct is to jump up, so as he comes to you, please block him with an open hand and say a firm “no, sit.” He should comply. If he jumps up anyway, just push him down.
  • Once he’s calm, if you would like him on your lap, tap both your thighs with your hands and say “up.” He will happily jump up and be your friend for the entire session.
  • Should he bark or frighten you, just say “no barks” and he will stop.
  • We hope this will be an enjoyable experience for all of you. Bentley is great with kids while giving shots and he is a great tension breaker during stressful visits. It is our intention to follow the wonderful example Will, our last therapy Cockapoo set for us, as our therapy dog for three years.