39 Olcott Square, Second Floor, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Thomas Ziering, MD, LLCEven though we may cater to a patient demographic that can be labelled “unconventional,” we are traditional family medical practitioners, practicing medicine the best and safest way we know how. You will have the time to have all your questions answered, at each visit. We’ll even address multiple medical issues in each visit, within reason of course, and we will schedule more time per patient. Family medicine has been a blessing to me and I consider myself a Healer, not just a physician, something quite rare these days. Patients can also avoid being “farmed out” to specialists, rather than being treated in an office with a physician they have come to trust over the years. We try to avoid the “corporate physician model,” which limits the time we can spend with each patient, and ultimately results in both patient and doctor frustration, and even missed diagnoses.